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Zepheira provides large scale, decentralized, Linked Data infrastructure for supporting Memory Organizations

Library Catalog Publishing

SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Visibility
"Over 3.5 billion Google searches are performed each day. What if even a fraction of them pointed to your library?"
Innovative Linked Data
"Innovative Advocates for Library Visibility on Semantic Web with Launch of Innovative Linked Data"
Linked Library Service
"The Linked Library Service transforms your existing library data into linked data formats and publishes it to the Library.Link Network"

Resource Sharing Publishing

Innovative Linked Data for INN-Reach

Data Enrichment

NoveList Select for Linked Data
"NoveList Select for Linked Data is an enrichment service that uses NoveList’s curated and highly structured data (such as read-alike recommendations, appeal factors, and other reader information) to surpercharge your linked data. "

Archives & Special Collections

Atlas Web Visibility Services
Atlas Web Visibility Services for Special Collections, Archives, and Historical Societies


Here are just a few of the initiatives we are contributing to in order to make the World a better place.


Together we're rethinking how libraries can be more visible to the communities they serve.

  • The Libhub Initiative
  • The Library.Link Network
  • The Little Free Library Foundation
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Our team has provided much of the vision and technical foundation for the next generation of the Web.

  • Dublin Core
  • RDF, Linked Data, Semantic Web
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The Art and Science between business strategy, large scale production systems and scholarly research.

  • Advisory Services to the Library Industry
  • The Future of Library Technical Services
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The following is a brief history of the Art and Science behind Zepheira.

  • 2007

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Spun off from W3C / MIT to leverage the power of the Web to solve problems worth solving.

    Zepheira helps businesses link fragmented data sources into easily searched wholes.

  • 2008

    Delivers Web Data solutions to Global Industry

    Zepheira quickly delivers business solutions to integrate, navigate and manage data within and across enterprises using Semantic Technologies to industries worldwide, including manufacturing, biotech, health care, financial services, medical research and defense.

    Organizations create vasts amounts of data every day, but this data is locked up in the applications that create them. Freeing this data, linking it together and discovering patterns is key to effective decision making.

  • 2012

    Architects for the Future Library Industry

    In 2011, Zepheira was selected by the US Library of Congress to design the future standards for the Library Industry.

    BIBFRAME provides a foundation for the future of bibliographic description, both on the web, and in the broader networked world.

  • 2014

    The Libhub Initiative

    The Libhub Initiative aims to raise the visibility of Libraries on the Web by actively exploring the promise of BIBFRAME and Linked Data.

    I believe everyone benefits from the visibility of libraries and their content on the Web.

  • 2016

    The Library.Link Network

    Zepheira introduces the Library.Link Network as an open, decentralized, shared data platform which brings together libraries and their providers to tell the Web localized, comprehensive, connection-rich stories. Because every Library, Archive, Museum and Historical Society has a story to tell.

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Our Amazing Team

Zepheira was founded by active pioneers in the Web, Semantic Web, Linked Data, XML and Open Source communities. At the heart of our ethos is our continuing, heavy contribution to open source software and open data projects and open standards to make the World a better place.


Eric Miller

President and CEO

Kathy MacDougall


Uche Ogbuji


Executive Team

John Miller


Jeff Penka

VP Product and Channel Management


Mark Baker

Principal Architect

Gloria Gonzalez

Senior Library Strategist

Ryan Lee

Senior Software Engineer

David Feeney

Senior Software Engineer

Lauri McIntosh

Director, Sales & Channel Management

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