Zepheira presentation “Weaving a Web of Data” at TTI/Vanguard Boston conference

Zepheira president Eric Miller makes a presentation, “Weaving a Web of Data” at the TTI/Vanguard Boston conference on 25 September 2007. The presentation discusses the role of of Web technology in enterprise systems, addressing an audience of executives. The theme of the conference is “The Wealth of Networks”, and sessions will look beyond “Web 2.0” technologies to a new generation of pervasive networks anticipated to cause further disruption and opportunities. “A wealth of networks allows for smoother collaboration as data and applications quickly make their way to the Web. With networks everywhere, where data resides no longer matters, as long as it’s easily accessible. Software running on laptops may soon fade away, as Web-resident apps get rented, shared, shifted, rebuilt, and mashed up.”

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