New STC08 site built by Zepheira

This week Semantic Universe launched a new site for the Semantic Technology Conference 2008. The conference organizers, intent on demonstrating the practical value of the technology featured at this conference, hired Zepheira to develop a site with innovative features to benefit attendees, speakers and other participants.

The site features a personalized conference Scheduler, a dynamic user interface based on the the MIT Picker tool which allows the user to quickly look at the available sessions on the schedule, narrowing down choices by facets such as speakers, dates and subject matter, and using common features such as search, pagination, and bookmarking favorites. The user can then select sessions to create a custom schedule, which can be exported to iCal format for incorporation into most popular calendar software. The user can also export other views of the data such as RDF/XML and JSON.

The user can also click through to see session details, and the site provides Weblog features for conference sessions, including the ability for people to comment on sessions, and track the discussion through Atom feeds. Contributing comments requires log-in through OpenID, showcasing the popular, decentralized standard for single sign-on.

The session Weblog features and the overall site framework are implemented using the open source Bright Content platform, one of the many community projects supported by Zepheira.

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