Video Interview with Brian Sletten

Highlighting a popular speaker at the No Fluff Just Stuff conferences, Jared Richardson posted a video interview with Zepheira partner Brian Sletten. Brian discussed the most important topics for developers looking to boost their careers, and emphasized one area where they can make a real difference for their employers.

“We spend too much time struggling to get access to our own data. There are schisms between business and the the rules they want to enforce (such as access control) and the information technologies in place to make this available to them. We’ve thrown a lot of money down the drain trying to do integration at the relational DB level, the Enterprise Application Integration level, even at the Services Oriented Architecture level. While there’s a lot of great ideas in that space, it’s really the wrong level for integration.

“Our position is that the Web is the biggest, most successful, scalable example of software architecture that gives you access to data in terms of issuing requests for logical names and getting back physical representations. It also gives you the flexibility to change the back ends, to change the intermediaries, and allow people to add value on the edge. They can consume information over here, do some processing on it and republish it….

“When we look at trying to expose information in the enterprise—I don’t care what company you work for, your data integration needs are not bigger and more diverse, and needing to be more scalable than the entire world’s, so these technologies have been tremendously successful and you should look for ways to adopt them in your organization.”

—Brian Sletten

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