Interview with Uche Ogbuji on Linked Data

Bob DuCharme interviewed Uche Ogbuji about the concept and application of Linked Data. Ogbuji’s talk will help anchor next week’s Linked Data Planet conference.

“Think of how we traditionally deal with data in informatics. We look to fit data into neat partitions, shepherd it along neat lines and fit it into grand unified theory. All good, hard science. The problem is that data isn’t so easily quantized. It’s a living , temperamental entity that absorbs bits of personality from everyone who touches it. Dealing effectively with data requires art, and at Zepheira we really look to the art of data rather than to the science of code. We think adopting the right conventions for data that accommodate its unpredictable qualities is the key to so many of the problems that have dogged IT, and we believe that the web is the most successful set of conventions in this regard. In general we look to apply web architecture to enterprise problems. This brings us right in line with the Linked Data concept, which is really just a way to distill the essential keys to web architecture in a way any developer could tick off his fingers. At Zepheira we start with such principles as the body of art, and we bring together folks who’ve have proven themselves as journeymen and masters in this art, and we think this positions us to offer particularly effective solutions to our customers.”

“At Zepheira we tend towards techniques popularized in (Linked Open Data), but clearly for most of our clients the data can’t be thrown into a cloud of public data, so we’ve added our own refinements leading to what we’ve started to call Linking Enterprise Data (LED) to increase the definition of the Linked Data principles as applied to organizational data integration and decision support needs.”

— Uche Ogbuji

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