Free conference call series on semantic technology in the enterprise to feature Uche Ogbuji

On November 20th Uche Ogbuji will be presenting “An enterprise roadmap for semantic
technology” in a free teleconference seminar series led by Earley and

Here is the abstract of the presentation:

Industry experts have been awakening recently to the exceptional power of the Web to integrate information systems, and how it should be applied within the enterprise. You’ve heard of Enterprise 2.0, Enterprise Mashups and the like. These are generally shallow attempts to translate Web concepts to traditional IT. It is important not to miss the key ingredient for successfully harnessing the power of Web architecture–semantic technology. We all know the power of the Web comes with chaos–wide-ranging workflow conventions, malware and more. Semantic technology adapts traditional business analysis and enterprise architecture to temper the chaos without losing the power.

This session connects the prevailing industry trend towards Semantic technology to the characteristics of enterprises, giving you tools for assessing your organization’s readiness, and determining the best launch points. It’s a practical guide using specific case studies to help you get started using semantic technology to finally reconcile information technology with business imperatives, and to save costs and avoid failures in architecture and integration projects.

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