Library of Congress digital preservation initiatives showcased on CBS television program

Laura Campbell, chief information officer of the US Library of Congress, is featured in “Bye, Tech: Dealing With Data Rot”, a segment on the CBS Sunday Morning television program, March 1, 2009. In the program David Pogue reported on the dangers of data loss–“what happens when technological progress leaves your most precious memories and recordings behind.” He also interviewed experts on digital preservation, including the discussion with Campbell, regarding the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.

NDIIPP is an effort funded by by The Library to develop a national strategy to collect, archive and preserve the burgeoning amounts of digital content for current and future generations. Zepheira is launching a joint project with the NDIIPP program to showcase the tremendous value of digital information being preserved for current and future generations.

As noted in the program, since the early ’90s, Campbell has overseen the Library’s contribution to NDIIPP, a multimillion-dollar effort to digitize the most precious holdings, both to preserve them and to make them available to the public on the Internet. She said:

“Well, really, what we’re trying to do is to save our collective memory, to be able to pass on human record of our time”

Among The Library’s holdings are the world’s largest collection of movies and recorded sound, as well as 56 million manuscripts, six million maps, and a million and a half rare books, which helps explain Campbell’s keen interest in preservation. Some of this material, in digitized form, will become more readily accessible through Zepheira’s contribution of an open data and services framework.

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