PURL Server version 1.5 Released

PURL Server version 1.5 has been released and is recommended for all PURL server operators.

Version 1.5 of the PURL server subtly changes the relationship between PURLs and domains to better support legacy PURLs. Domains may now be created that contain PURLs of the same name (that is, a PURL with a name corresponding to an empty string or a ‘/’ character).

PURLs may now be created with names that differ only by a trailing ‘/’ (e.g. /net/foo and /net/foo/).

These features were added in support legacy PURL migration. Naming new PURLs with these patterns is not encouraged.

No reported bugs were addressed in this release. However, some additional URL-encoding of form elements was added to the Web user interface to better support special characters.

PURL Server version 1.5 is available from:

Please see also the README:

and Release Notes:

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