Zepheira Team Members Contribute to Project Management Book

Zepheira team members David Wood and Kathy MacDougall and Zepheira contractor James Leigh contributed ten of the 97 tips found in O’Reilly Media’s new book 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know.

This is a new style of “collective wisdom” books from O’Reilly, the first of which was aimed at software architects.

Tips contributed by David Wood were:

Clever Code Is Hard To Maintain

The 60/60 Rule

The Fallacy Of Perfect Execution

The Fallacy Of Perfect Knowledge

The Fallacy Of The Big Round Ball

The Web Points The Way, For Now

Tips contributed by Kathy MacDougall were:

Chart a Course for Change

Roadmaps: What Have We Done For You Lately?

Tips contributed by James Leigh were:

Provide Regular Time to Focus

Work in Cycles

Use coupon code ABF09 on O’Reilly’s site for a 30% discount when ordering the book.

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