JES & Co. Expands the Achievement Standards Network

At the annual National Science Distributed Learning conference sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), participants learned how JES & Co.’s Achievement Standards Network (ASN) framework is being used by Australia’s Curriculum Corporation in an effort to link educational resource data globally. Zepheira partner David Wood and contractor James Leigh worked with JES to develop a reusable, Open Source editor for Resource Description Framework content as a key portion of this work.

Zepheira combined the JES editor with the Alibaba RDF framework and the Mulgara Semantic Web database to produce a simple and extensible solutions stack for the creation of arbitrary Semantic Web applications. This solutions stack will be released as a new Open Source software project (see Zepheira’s pre-announcement here.

See the full JES & Co. press release for more details on the expansion of the Achievement Standards Network.

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