Eric Miller to give Vision Session on Linked Data and Libraries at NASIG 25th annual conference

The North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) 25th Annual Conference will be held on June 3-6, 2010 in Palm Springs, California. The NASIG Vision Sessions are designed to speak to some of the important issues facing the serials community: how can we leverage the data we have? What changes are facing publishing? And what are the systems libraries need to manage serials in this environment? Eric Miller from Zepheira will be providing the Vision Session on Linked Data and Libraries with the goal of addressing these concerns. The following abstract provides an overview of this presentation.

“The Web is the most successful commerce and communication platform ever conceived. With the development of recent events, the Web is quickly evolving into one of the most pervasive data management, integration and knowledge sharing platforms ever imagined. Linked Data is an emerging set of concepts and technologies for combining and integrating data. Linked Data leverages the Web as an architecture for connecting data, lowering social and technical barriers sharing these connections and accelerating collaboration and social computing. The presentation will provide an overview of Linked Data and highlight several relevant, practical examples of this work. A historical perspective as well as personal observations of the evolving social, policy, government and industry trends that support this effort will also be provided. This presentation will additionally highlight related efforts libraries are currently involved in that leverage Linked Data. This presentation will conclude by suggesting strategic and symbiotic areas of work that will help libraries leverage the potential of the Web and highlight how the Web will benefit from library science principles and practice.”

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