Library of Congress to support MIT, Zepheira work on Exhibit 3.0

On behalf of the original Simile team, Zepheira is pleased to announce the launch of a new “Exhibit 3.0” project which will build on the success of the current Exhibit tool but redesign it to be far more scalable, flexible and modular. The Exhibit 3.0 home page provides the following overview of the project:

“Exhibit 3.0 is designed to be a publishing framework for large scale data-rich interactive Web pages, building on the success of the original Exhibit work. This project is a partnership among MIT Libraries, MIT CSAIL and Zepheira, all with personnel including SIMILE project alumnus, with generous support from the Library of Congress.”

A subset of the key requirements for this project include:

  • Provide a server-side option for publishing large collections (up to 1 million triples and 20,000 facet values)
  • Include a simple way to move from small collections stored in the browser to larger collections stored on the server
  • Make it easier to add new views, widgets and facets to the UI
  • Support links to particular Exhibit states

Read the official press release (PDF) or check out the new Exhibit 3.0 home page for more information about this work and how to get involved.

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