XML Prague Program Committee Includes Zepheira Partner

Zepheira partner Uche Ogbuji is serving on the 2011 XML Prague Program Committee.  In keeping with Zepheira’s commitment to collaborate broadly to advance the state of the art in advanced Web applications, it is supporting this established conference of the state of the art in XML processing.  Mr. Ogbuji offers his experience with XML and other formats processed in pipelines of broadly-sourced data.  The theme of XML Prague this year is “Web and XML,” covering topics such as:

  • XML as new lingua franca for the Web. Why did it never happen?
  • HTML 5 and XHTML: breaking-up, coexistence or convergence?
  • JSON and XML love-in: how to enable Web Apps and Web Widgets?
  • XML Databases role in Web architecture.
  • XML and the emerging Semantic Web.
  • XML-based formats for electronic books.
  • …and more.

The conference will take place March 26th & 27th, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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