Zepheira begins new phase of work with Library of Congress on Project Recollection

The mission of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) is to develop a national strategy to collect, preserve and make available significant digital content, especially information that is created in digital form only, for current and future generations. In 2008, the NDIIPP partners shared content through a simple web page. In order to explore more useful tools and processes for sharing diverse content across partners’ collections, the Library began the Project Recollection Pilot in 2009 with Zepheira to develop a proof of concept that can be used to collect and explore information about digital collections.

Since 2009, the Recollection platform has grown beyond its pilot phase and has begun to provide the tools and environment that will enable NDIIPP Partners to showcase their collections and data from a central point. In 2011, Zepheira and the Library of Congress will continue to partner on a new phase of the project which will bring increased functionality, a strong community focus, and expansion of the tool to a wider audience.

An example of an embedded Recollection data view can be seen on the Library’s Digital Preservation site. To learn more about the project, visit Recollection (Update: now known as Viewshare) or see the recently published W3C Linked Library Data Use Case.

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