Zepheira moves Akara open source project to GitHub

Zepheira has recently asserted leadership in the Akara open source project, which is a key component of many of its broader strategic initiatives.  In order to help support efficient collaboration on the project Zepheira has moved it to the GitHub service.

Akara is a platform for developing data services, especially XML data services, and making them available on the Web, using REST architecture. It is open source software written in Python and C.  Akara is an umbrella project that includes Amara, a Python XML processing library based on the mature but now obsolete 4Suite XML library, enhanced for performance and modernized API.  Amara implements common XML standards while implementing many fresh ideas for expressing XML pattern processing. Some of these features include XPath and XSLT, a lightweight, dynamic data binding mechanism, XML modeling and processing constraints by example (using Examplotron), Schematron assertions, XPath-driven streamable processing and overall low-level support for lazy iterator processing, and thus the map/reduce style.

Please see the Akara project on GitHub, as well as the Amara project, which is separated for developer/packager convenience.  Find many other of Zepheira’s contributions to open source on the organization’s GitHub profile.

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