Akara Presentation Coming at XML Prague

Zepheira partner Uche Ogbuji will be presenting the Akara open source project to XML technology professionals at 2011 XML Prague.  The presentation “Akara – Spicy Bean Fritters and XML Data Services” will provide a technical overview of the project, which has been used in Zepheira work with the US Library of Congress, MIT, Sun Microsystems and much more.  To quote from the abstract:

Akara is a platform for developing data services, and especially XML data services, available on the Web, using REST architecture. It is open source software written in Python and C. An important concept in Akara is information pipelining, where discrete services can be combined and chained together, including services hosted remotely. There is strong support for pipeline stages for XML processing, as Akara includes a port of the well-known 4Suite and Amara XML processing components for Python. The version of Amara in Akara provides optimized XML processing using common XML standards as well as fresh ideas for expressing XML pattern processing, based on long experience in standards-based XML applications. Some of these features include XPath and XSLT, a lightweight, dynamic data binding mechanism, XML modeling and processing constraints by example (using Examplotron), Schematron assertions, XPath-driven streamable processing and overall low-level support for lazy iterator processing, and thus the map/reduce style. Akara does not enforce a built-in mechanism for persistence of XML, but is designed to complete a low-level persistence engine with overall characteristics of an XML DBMS.

Registration for XML Prague is sold out, but the conference is well known for the quality of its free online video access for those interested.  Details will be posted on the site as the date approaches.

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