Zepheira Case Study: Recollection: Serving Local Preservation Partner Needs through a National Linked Data Platform: Part 2

The Library of Congress’ National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program works to catalyze and sustain a national network of digital preservation partners. From the beginning of the project one of the key ideas has been that the partnership, now with 185 partner organizations across 45 states, needed to work toward a distributed architecture. To that end, NDIIPP has worked with its’ partners to connect different platforms for storage and verification, data and metadata management, and access and discovery of preserved digital materials.

This national network of partners has already preserved a substantial amount of our digital cultural heritage, including among other things; geospatial information, web sites, audio visual productions, images and text, and materials related to critical public policy issues. As this set of preserved materials continues to grow it has become all the more apparent that we need tools that provide ways for users to discover and access those distributed collections.

To this end, NDIIPP has collaborated with Zepheira to create Recollection (Update: now Viewshare), a free platform for generating and customizing views, (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow NDIIPP partners and their users to better explore and understand these growing digital collections.

Read Part 2 of the case study which describes the way in which Recollection supports the NDIIPP community and the future role Recollection will serve in the Library’s digital preservation strategy.

For more, read Part 1 of the case study which describes the Recollection platform and its use of linked data principles to empower curators of digital content.

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