Eric Miller to give invited Linked Data talk at 2011 American Library Association Annual Conference

The Library of Congress’ Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) has invited Eric Miller to speak on Linked Data and Libraries at the annual American Library Association ALA Conference in New Orleans, LA. on Sunday June 26. The Program for Cooperative Cataloging and its membership focus on timely and quality collaborative creation of bibliographic and authority records.

Eric’s presentation will provide an overview of Linked Data, highlight several relevant, practical examples of this work currently underway in the library, museum and digital preservation communities. This talk will further discuss several practical areas where libraries and cooperative cataloging practices can further be accelerated by Linked Data principals. By exposing bibliographic and authority records as ‘Web control points’, libraries are well positioned to enable greater collaboration in both traditional and non-traditional communities as well as providing new means for users to navigate, discover and access quality information in a Web of data.

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