Fast Company highlights Project Recollection

Tim Carmody of Fast Company magazine introduces Project Recollection to a broader audience in the article “Recollection: A Collaborative Tool For Sharing And Visualizing Cultural Data” (8 June 2011).  His overview of the system, which Zepheira is developing in partnership with the U.S. Library of Congress, has the following subtitle:

A new service from the Library of Congress lets you build maps, graphs, timelines, and trees from the collective digital and digitized history of an entire nation.

Carmody discusses the usefulness of Recollection for digital preservation, archiving and education, summarizing its benefits.

The idea behind Recollection is simple: it allows the LoC and its cultural heritage partner institutions to easily pool and visualize their collections. What was a giant, unwieldy database can be easily transformed into an interactive timeline, map, tag cloud, or a range of other highly readable interfaces. Then you can embed the tool back into your own organization’s site. Think of it as a kind of YouTube for museums (or amateur historians).

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