Linked Data at the Library of Congress

Laura Campbell, CIO of the Library of Congress, spoke at the recent Semantic Technologies Conference about how the world’s largest library leverages semantic technology to help manage the vast resources of the LoC. In her keynote address, Ms. Campbell spoke about how the Library of Congress is leveraging linked data technologies in three key areas:

  • Managing existing collections
  • Maintaining the Library of Congress’s role as a leader in the distribution of canonical information
  • Fulfilling the mission to collect, preserve, and provide access to a more digital collection

The keynote covered several of the key linked data initiatives underway at the Library including project Recollection (Update: now Viewshare), a joint project with Zepheira. The keynote in its entirety, is presented below.


To read more about Recollection and the Library of Congress, check out this recent series about the Recollections Project.

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