Exhibit 3 Beta Release Announced

TThe Exhibit3 team is proud to announce the beta release of Exhibit 3. This project is made possible by generous support from the Library of Congress. It is a partnership among MIT Libraries, MIT CSAIL and Zepheira, including personnel who are SIMILE project alumnus. View release features, where to download it and how to give us your feedback on the Exhibit 3 Project site.

The release includes both the new client and the server component of Exhibit 3, so you can see how going from a client only collection to a client/server collection will work. The new client is less functional than the current Exhibit 2 client, but will improve over the next few months. We will be posting a timeline for the rest of the year to the Web page soon, so those of you who need to wait for a more stable version or one with a particular feature will have some idea of when to expect that. Over the next few months we’ll also create a lot of new documentation, but for now we just have what’s in the code and some basic instructions for building the system.

So for those of you who’ve been waiting, we hope you’ll try it out and give us your thoughts! Bugs and feature requests are welcome via GitHub and discussions welcome on the SIMILE Widgets mailing list.

For those interested in seeing some of this work in action check out the early demonstrations of both the new client and the server component of Exhibit 3.

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