Charitable Program Update

It’s been six months since we launched our charitable giving program, which included ongoing financial support for Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) and Partners in Health (PIH), as well as the donation of computational cycles to the Folding at home (FAH) project. Time for an update.

In that time, PIH have continued to apply their community partnering model to places in need, in particular Haiti where cholera remains an enormous problem long after the catastrophic earthquake almost two years ago.

MSF, as a much larger organization than PIH, is simultaneously involved with many efforts around the world too numerous to highlight here. However, a few times a year they publish a short video which summarizes their work over the course of a month. The latest is September 2011, a Month in Focus which runs about seven minutes.

Our computers – both Zepheira-managed servers as well as the desktops and laptops of our team – continue to fold proteins for FAH at a staggering pace.  Though active for only six months, Team Zepheira ranks in the 94th percentile (11008 out of 205287 teams) and have already folded 1200 work units, achieving 170000 points.  We’ll try to dig up some more resources to push us past the likes of Team Snaztastic and the Indigo Bunny Heroes, and onward into the top 10000!

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