October 6, Day of Digital Archives

Day of Digital Archives is an initiative spearheaded by Gretchen Gueguen, Digital Archivist at the University of Virgina, to raise awareness of digital archives by engaging practitioners in the field to describe their work via social media.  As we work with digital archives on a daily basis, we are pleased to be able to participate.

Our best known contribution to the community is the open source Recollection project (Update: now Viewshare), developed in conjunction with the Library of Congress and NDIIPP. Recollection picks up where most digital archiving software leaves off, importing curated collections from an archive where they can be augmented, visually enhanced, republished, and ultimately shared.

Recollection makes use of the popular publishing framework, Exhibit, developed by MIT’s Simile project a few years ago, but currently being updated as part of the Exhibit3 project in conjunction with MIT.  Exhibit3’s primary added value over the original Exhibit project is scalability up to one million triples, making it not only suitable for publishing large collections, but of some archives too! We’ve posted some sample large exhibits as part of our recent beta release.

Here are two exhibits that demonstrate many of the features of both Recollection and the original Exhibit project;

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