MIT Libraries and Zepheira complete “Exhibit 3.0” software project

A grant from the United States Library of Congress has funded development of a new version of Exhibit, the popular open source software tool developed at MIT to help people search, browse and visualize data on the Web. The MIT Libraries and Zepheira, LLC have enhanced the tool to create “Exhibit 3.0”, with support for much larger data collections and a number of new features requested by the community. Exhibit 3.0 will be useful for a wide range of organizations that manage and publish data collections of all types and sizes – particularly libraries, cultural institutions and other organizations grappling with large amounts of digital content will benefit from Exhibit 3.0.

The Exhibit 3.0 project redesigned and re-implemented Exhibit to scale from small collections to very large data collections of the magnitude
created by the Library of Congress and its National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP). The redesigned Exhibit is as simple to use as its predecessor but is more scalable, more modular, and easier to integrate into a variety of information management systems and websites—making it valuable to an even larger audience of individuals and organizations publishing information on the Web.

Details about the project can be found in the press release and on the project website.

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