Library of Congress announces new Viewshare features developed by Zepheira

The Library of Congress has announced “four exciting new Viewshare features” as developed by Zepheira subsequent to the Viewshare launch. While there have been many improvements to the platform of late, these four features increase its usefulness exponentially:

  • Dynamic Image Galleries: Users can now create views that consist of a gallery of images to provide additional visual cues when navigating collections.
  • Visualizing Time in Context: Collections with date information can be sorted using numeric ranges and histograms. Numeric ranges display all records contained during a specified date range. The histogram displays the frequency of the items in the collection over time.
  • New Levels of Display Customization: Users can now override the default zoom level in the map displays and set a default sort order for their collections.
  • Easier to Use Interface for Building Views: Usability improvements have been made for creating views and adding facets.

Learn the details and see examples of these new features in the Library’s Digital Preservation Blog .

The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, launched in November 2011. Viewshare is a free platform for NDIIPP partners to generate and customize views, (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to experience their digital collections. Refer to the recent press release for additional details on the project.

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