The Library of Congress Announces Modeling Initiative with Zepheira

The Library of Congress has announced today a new Modeling Initiative with Zepheira that focuses on reflecting the MARC 21 library standard as a Linked Data model for the Web. The following excerpts form this announcement reflect this new effort the the potential impact of this work.

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce that it has contracted with Zepheira to help accelerate the launch of the Bibliographic Framework Initiative. A major focus of the project is to translate the MARC 21 format to a Linked Data (LD) model while retaining as much as possible the robust and beneficial aspects of the historical format. Zepheira brings to the project extensive experience in LD technology for library applications.

The Library of Congress has asked Zepheira to provide a model (or models) that can serve as a strong starting point for discussion, and an analysis of related initiatives underway that will be useful to this effort. LC expects that the proposed model(s) will change and be further tuned based on valuable feedback from the community and a natural progression of requirements as they are addressed. The initial model(s) will serve as a basis for work focused on a demonstration system/service which will then, in turn, be used to further refine the model(s). The expectation is that such iterative feedback loops will eventually ensure a flexible bibliographic framework, a robust reference code, a supporting infrastructure for deployment, and an effective migration plan to support the community in making a transition from MARC to a new framework.