Uche Ogbuji features on IBM developerWorks’ weekly podcast

Uche Ogbuji, partner at Zepheira, has a couple of new articles out at IBM developerWorks. In “Do more in CSS with LESS” he discusses how to simplify the writing & maintenance of responsive design styles for modern web pages.

Learn how to use LESS to write readable and maintainable Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for modern websites. CSS makes the terrible old days of layout tricks with tables and invisible images a dim memory. But CSS is still unfriendly, and several initiatives tried to tame it for developers. One of the best is LESS, which extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations, and functions. LESS is a CSS-like language that compiles seamlessly into CSS either on the client side or through server-side preprocessing.

In “Rapid web development with Bootstrap” he discusses how one can get Web sites and apps in place rapidly using Bootstrap, the popular, Twitter-originated framework.

 Learn how to use Bootstrap to kickstart websites and web applications, including mobile-friendly ones. Bootstrap, which is based on the LESS project, was developed by Twitter’s internal engineers to provide a consistent framework for web application UIs.

Ogbuji is also featured in  the latest episode of This Week On IBM developerWorks Webcast video,  starting around 2:00 into the video.  For some reason the audio didn’t always come through so thankfully there is also a text transcript for reference.

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