Zepheira advising GenomeSpace

As a member of ths Genomspace Scientific Advisory Group, Zepehria‘s Eric Miller is attending an Advisory Group Meeting.

GenomeSpace is a cloud-based interoperability framework to support integrative genomics analysis through an easy-to-use Web interface. GenomeSpace provides access to a diverse range of bioinformatics tools, and bridges the gaps between the tools, making it easy to leverage the available analyses and visualizations in each of them.

With funding from the NHGRI and the expertise of an international team of collaborators, GenomeSpace is now being built by researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Weizmann Institute of Science, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Cruz, Pennsylvania State University and Stanford University. Members of the Scientific Advisory Group to GenomeSpace are Eugene Meyers from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Aravinda Chakravarti from Johns Hopkins Medical School, Saeed Tavazoie and Olga Troyanskaya from Princeton University, Dan Reed from Microsoft, and Eric Miller from Zepheira