UC Davis and Zepheira to work together on roadmap for libraries

The University of California, Davis, in partnership with Zepheira, will lead the way for research libraries to transform how they catalog their collections to improve how online researchers can find and use them thanks to a National Leadership Grant from Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The two-year project – seeking to modernize what is, for libraries, as complex as air traffic control systems – will create a roadmap for libraries for strategic planning and investments in new software, standards and expertise. This project will investigate the future of research library operations, particularly the production of metadata — or data on data — and deployment on the Web. It will examine the current landscape for library data standards and technologies including the application of Linked Data architecture and BIBFRAME principles.

This project will work with other national and international institutions involved in library software, standards and practices (including the Library of Congress, the OCLC global library network, the National Information Standards Organization, Kuali OLE and Zepheira) to provide a route that can be recalculated or continuously updated as new data models, standards, workflows and practices evolve.