Viewshare in Transition: New Look and Feel, Now Hosted at Library of Congress

In recent months we’ve been very busy on the Viewshare front. The Viewshare platform has had a complete overhaul and there is a brand new look and feel, along with workflow and feature improvements. These changes represent quite a change for users, so they have been pushed to a beta area for now to allow people to get used to them and provide feedback. We think you’ll really like what you see, so please give Viewshare Beta a try! (Update: It’s moved to Viewshare proper – give Viewshare a try!)

Details of the improvements we’ve made can be found on The Signal, the Library of Congress’ Digital Preservation blog.

In addition to the platform changes, hosting of the Viewshare application has been transitioned to the Library of Congress. Zepheira will remain involved in software maintenance and various aspects of the project for the foreseeable future.

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