Zepheira speaks @ NISO’s “Using the Web as an E-Content Distribution Platform” Virtual Conference (materials available now)

Thanks to the NISO team and SAGE sponsorship for such a great virtual conference focused on the Challenges and Opportunities around Using the Web as an E-Content Distribution Platform. The flow of the agenda and content provided a thoughtful and balanced narrative from providers, practitioners and thought leaders.

Jeff Penka, Zepheira’s Product Director, presented in collaboration with John Mark Ockerbloom, Digital Library Architect and Planner at the University of Pennsylvania on Retooling Metadata Around Linked Data Principles.

John began the discussion with his “In the Early Days of a Better Nation”: Enhancing the power of metadata today with linked data principles presentation, providing technical, historic, and practical views of what an evolved view of metadata can enable. Jeff followed with his An A+ Plan to Transform Your Library with Linked Data presentation, sharing three key steps every library can go through as they bring the principles, technology, and vocabulary of Linked Data into the whole library — 1. Awareness 2. Assessment and 3. Action.

Both presentations are available along with all the other session materials via the NISO conference site @ http://www.niso.org/news/events/2014/virtual/publishing_econtent/#agenda

We are looking forward to participating in the next Conference November 19, 2014 “Can’t we all work together? Interoperability and System Integration”.