Zepheira’s Linked Data Training Series Personalizes Linked Data for Libraries

“Practical Practitioner” Brings Library Professionals into the Web with BIBFRAME, Linked Data

Zepheira, the industry leader in the creation of linked data vocabularies for addressing the Web visibility of library and memory organizations, is offering a complete training program in the applied use of those vocabularies. Zepheira’s Linked Data and BIBFRAME Practical Practitioner Training, covers 4-5 calendar weeks and is offered on average twice a month pending registration and demand. The sessions will be conducted online via Zepheira’s learning management environment.

Zepheira Listened to Libraries, Provides Training Options that are Pragmatic, Cost-Effective

Library relevance on the Web begins with visibility – being able to see what it is your library has to offer. Linked Data and BIBFRAME together will play a key role in the Web accurately finding and reflecting what libraries have to offer. Through Zepheira’s work with hundreds of librarians, we found a need for a clear baseline of knowledge and awareness about where to begin on this path to relevance and visibility.

View the full press release, training summary and calendar of upcoming sessions.