About Zepheira

The Art

Sharing data among employees, partners and customers to facilitate effective collaboration is an art. When done well it saves your organization time and money, and helps you to win loyalty with your customers and continually evolves with your business. When done poorly, it exacts a high cost in lost time and revenue.

Zepheira delivers information management solutions enabled by technology. Our team has extensive experience building systems which use Semantic Web and rich Web collaboration (also known as Web 2.0). Just as important as effective systems are effective processes that support your business strategy and allow for proper creation and maintenance of your data. Zepheira offers full life-cycle solutions that transform raw data and documents into information and knowledge focused to meet your organization’s goals.

True art survives the test of time. Change is constant for today’s organizations–mergers and acquisitions, employee turnover, regulations and more. The hallmark of Zepheira solutions is thriving through change. This ability to evolve comes from services that focus on assisting you to identify and align knowledge management requirements to business strategy.

The Science

Zepheira’s expert team has led the development and deployment of the Semantic Web, producing hundreds of articles, technical reports, and presentations for industry leaders, and driving the creation of international standards and enabling open source technologies that make this possible. Our team has provided much of the vision and technical foundation for the next generation of the Web.

Standards and technologies must find their place in practical applications – the Zepheira team is not only a group of visionaries, but deeply experienced in successfully implementing these technologies in markets such as memory organizations, electronic publishing and scholarly communication, health care, life sciences, energy, financial services and manufacturing.

Zepheira is a privately held company driven by a team of knowledge management and specific domain area experts with a vision to support a community using the Semantic Web standards and related technologies. Using our deep understanding of how to use the tools, technology and broad experience of the creation of the standards, Zepheira delivers working solutions by combining education, mentoring, development and implementation.