Charitable Giving at Zepheira

With the successes that grow out of good work come greater possibilities to work for good. We at Zepheira embrace the responsibilities attendant to the resources at our disposal by partnering with proven, focused humanitarian organizations. Our corporate charitable program includes regular financial support as well as innovations in giving that stem from our corporate strengths.

Despite differences in our individual backgrounds, we have all come to recognize the great amount of good that can be done with a modicum of well-placed effort, and we see how some of the world’s problems continue to deteriorate, not for want of proven solutions but instead for lack of attention: not enough funds, personnel, or will to change. We want to give our attention to be part of building a better world, and so our association with one another necessitates looking beyond our client work into the needs of the wide world around us, needs that cannot be ignored.


We choose to support the efforts of Medecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders and Partners in Health. MSF responds to natural disasters, epidemics, and conflicts with skilled medical care for the affected wherever need arises. PIH implements long term health care programs for high risk populations in the poorest parts of the world. Many people and communities that would otherwise be lost are thriving today because of their work, work which often transcends the regions they are in and comes back to affect the policies and perceptions of the developed world.


Along with establishing financial relationships with MSF and PIH, we are committed to finding different ways to utilize our unique resources and talents for charitable purposes. With our technology focus, we have an ongoing need for computational resources; since not all of them are fully utilized, we choose to donate some of our unused processing power to the Folding@home distributed computation project. Along with thousands of others around the world, we help run simulations of protein folding that further our scientific understanding of diseases and medically advance us towards their cure.

As a corporation merging business goals with a devotion to bettering our world, we are interested in hearing new ideas on how to travel in both realms and in locating partners to travel them with. Contact us at if you’d like to talk.

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