The Zepheira Team


Eric Miller,
Eric Miller is the President of Zepheira. Prior to founding Zepheira, Eric led the Semantic Web Initiative for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at MIT where he led the architectural and technical leadership in the design and evolution of the Semantic Web. Eric is a frequent and sought after international speaker in areas of International Web standards, knowledge management, collaboration, development and deployment.
Uche Ogbuji,
Partner & CTO
Uche Ogbuji specializes in the integration of next-generation Web systems. He was co-founder of Fourthought, Inc. and is a leading expert in data design and distributed systems. He has worked with XML, RDF and Web Services since the inception of those technologies. He is a columnist for several prominent journals, has written over 300 articles on XML, Web Services and RDF in recognized publications, and speaks extensively at conferences worldwide.
Kathy MacDougall,
Partner & COO
Kathy MacDougall is a Founding Partner and COO at Zepheira. She leads the overall development and execution of business priorities, including oversight of basic operations, sales, product development, legal, and financial management. Kathy has been implementing solutions using Semantic Web technologies since 2000.
Mark Baker,
Mark Baker, Principal Architect at Zepheira, is a specialist in Web architecture and the REST architectural style, an entrepreneur, and a pioneer of the mobile Web. Most recently, he was Senior Architect in the professional services organization of Web content management company, Day Software. He regularly serves as a program committee member for distributed systems conferences, is an expert reviewer in the IETF applications area, an IANA media type reviewer, a contributor to many IETF and W3C specifications.
Janet Daly Janet Daly,
Janet Daly is the Director of Communications at Zepheira. Janet brings a wealth of experience from more than 20 years in strategic messaging, standards development, member and investor relations, as well as media relations in national and international markets. Her communications projects often entailed combining diverse and occasionally competing parties and priorities to drive forward industry-wide progress, and make very technical concepts broadly accessible.
David Feeney,
David Feeney is Senior Software Engineer specializing in Web based application development for Zepheira. He has a broad and deep software engineering experience implementing web based content aggregation and visualization applications.
Jean Gonzales Jean Gonzales,
Jean serves as Senior Project Manager at Zepheira. Jean’s over 20 years of experience in driving high profile technology software and Web development projects includes implementing software technology projects using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. She effectively manages all aspects of Zepheira’s software development projects, including coordinating and shepherding the development of its Linked Data & BIBFRAME Training and software tool offerings.
Gloria Gonzalez Gloria Gonzalez,
Gloria Gonzalez serves as Library Strategist at Zepheria, specializing in helping libraries and archives achieve visibility on the Web. She focuses on helping libraries embrace Linked Data and Resource Description Framework metadata models including BIBFRAME.
Ryan Lee,
Ryan Lee is a Senior Software Engineer with Zepheira. Combining years of software development experience with diverse skills in systems administration and graphic design, Ryan uses his skills to plan and shape large scale frameworks from low level systems configuration to implementation to the end user experience.
JohnMiller John Miller,
CFO & Managing Director
John Miller is the Chief Financial Officer for Zepheira. John brings over 30 years of executive leadership experience in creating and guiding organizations. He brings a unique combination of perspective of technology and business development based on background across industries and a blend of operations, sales, marketing, branding, and new product development.
Vicki Victoria Mueller,
Victoria Mueller provides data expertise as the Senior Information Architect and Systems Librarian for Zepheira, LLC. In this position, she helps shape the direction for exposing, sharing and creating new ways of visualizing the digital material of the archives and online resources. Victoria is an library and information science professional with 22 years experience in designing, implementing and promoting large-scale data systems for libraries and archives. She has worked extensively with institutions and corporate organizations to implement digital services and solutions at all levels of management.
Jeff Penka Jeff Penka,
Jeff Penka is the Vice President of Product Management at Zepheira with a strong focus on lean product management, iterative business and product concept development and practical outcomes-based, agile development processes.
John Richardson John Richardson,
John Richardson is the Vice President of Library & Vendor Partnerships for Zepheira. Mr. Richardson is an executive solutions architect who identifies data needs and applies his experience and communication skills to work with technical, implementation and support teams to execute on innovative solutions.
Rich Shappard Rich Shappard,
Rich Shappard is a Systems Manager with Zepheira. He is responsible for the daily operations of Zepheira’s IT resources as well as supporting technical development efforts. Rich has experience in designing and managing large UNIX/Linux and heterogenous installations for private sector, public sector, and military clients.