John Richardson

John RichardsonJohn Richardson is the Vice President of Library & Vendor Partnerships for Zepheira. Mr. Richardson is an executive solutions architect who identifies data needs and applies his experience and communication skills to work with technical, implementation and support teams to execute on innovative solutions.

Recently, John has worked in the complex systems of library automation where he is known for his in-depth industry knowledge, understanding of library environments, and focus on change management and end-user experience. John has helped craft the architecture, workflow, data migration, training and support elements for some of the continent’s largest Integrated Library System automation projects. These include 45 SUNY (NY) campuses, 2,500+ preK-12 schools of INFOhio ultimately serving over 1M students, 178 public/K-12 libraries in TRAC (AB), and Illinois Heartland Library System (IL) with 428 multi-type libraries and growing.  Through the course of his library automation career, John has developed an excellent reputation with third party vendor partners and works towards shared common goals.

In his role with Zepheira, John applies his passion about helping libraries innovate through technology and strategic planning.  Currently, John is the leading evangelist of the Zepheira Libhub Initiative that implements the Library BIBFRAME standard aiming to make libraries ubiquitous on the WWW.  He works directly with academic, public, consortia and special libraries and introduce them to the various training, subscription and consulting offerings of Zepheira as well as the vendor community that will be impacted by the myriad of changes Bibframe will bring.

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