Mark Baker

Principal Architect

Mark Baker, Principal Architect at Zepheira, is a specialist in Web architecture and the REST architectural style, an entrepreneur, and a pioneer of the mobile Web.

Mark was CTO at Beduin Communications, the developer of the first mobile Java Web browser, and joined Sun Microsystems in 1998 when the company was acquired. There, he joined a small team that attempted to guide the wireless industry away from “WAP” and towards a Web based protocol stack by working in the W3C, IETF, and WAPforum, as well as by developing a J2ME XHTML Basic browser, a specification he co-edited at the W3C. He also represented Sun in the W3C where he worked to put the “Web” in “Web services” in the SOAP working group. After Sun, he co-founded a mobile product company, Rove IT, which developed the first embedded Web server for Blackberry devices.

Mark has performed REST consulting services for companies around the world including public-facing projects such as Microsoft’s Live Services and REST support for WCF. He was also involved in a project in the Earth sciences space, where he introduced Web and Semantic Web technologies to facilitate ground motion event detection over integrated data sets collected from multiple, independent agencies.

Most recently, he was Senior Architect in the professional services organization of Web content management company, Day Software. He regularly serves as a program committee member for distributed systems conferences, is an expert reviewer in the IETF applications area, an IANA media type reviewer, a contributor to many IETF and W3C specifications, and just generally tries to do what he can to ensure the Web continues to flourish.

Mark received his honours B.Sc in Mathematics and Engineering from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

Mark can be contacted at You can also download his contact information in vCard form.

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