Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan Lee is a Senior Software Engineer with Zepheira. Combining years of software development experience with diverse skills in systems administration and graphic design, Ryan uses his skills to plan and shape large scale frameworks from low level systems configuration to implementation to the end user experience. With years of experience in research at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and the World Wide Web Consortium, Ryan has deep knowledge concerning the practical application of semantic web technology to real world problems. His involvement as a developer with The SIMILE Project, a joint research project between the W3C, MIT CSAIL, and MIT Libraries, brings history and expertise with a popular open source toolkit to Zepheira’s range of skills.

Prior to joining Zepheira, Ryan ran his own consulting business. He is a graduate of MIT with two degrees in computer science. Ryan is based in the Los Angeles area.

Ryan can be reached at ryanlee@zepheira.com. You can also download his contact information in vCard form.

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