Uche Ogbuji

Uche Ogbuji is a founding partner and enterprise architect at Zepheira. Uche is a Computer Engineer (B.Sc. 1994, Milwaukee School of Engineering) specializing in the integration of next-generation Web systems with established enterprise data technology. Prior to joining Zepheira he founded Fourthought, a professional services firm he ran from 1998 through 2006.

Uche is a leading expert in data design and distributed systems. He has worked with XML, RDF and Web Services since the inception of those technologies. He is technical lead on projects including Akara and 4Suite, open-source platforms for XML and RDF processing. He is lead designer of the Versa query language for RDF, and several other influential technical reports. He is a columnist for IBM developerWorksApplication Development Trends and He has written over 300 articles on XML, Web Services and RDF in recognized publications, and speaks extensively at conferences worldwide. He was invited to provide his expert perspective on the role of Semantic Web technologies at the W3C’s Web Services Workshop in 2001, where the Web Services activity of the W3C was scoped and planned. He received the 2003 ActiveState Active Award for outstanding contribution in the profession of software development.

Uche can be reached at You can also download his contact information in vCard form.