Zepheira selected to revamp key World Health Organization Web site

The World Health Organization (WHO) has selected Zepheira to revamp the Global Health Observatory (GHO) site.  GHO is a tool for people, organizations and corporations to provide data and analyses relating to global health priorities.  The GHO supports efforts to meet global development goals in health and provides key statistics towards improving global health.

Zepheira shall increase the GHO site’s ease of use for parties in diverse geographical, political and economic setting, and its ease of integration so that WHO can update and present the information on the site. Zepheira shall also apply the power of Linked Data to the project. They have selected Zepheira to undertake this high-profile work due to the company’s expertise in Linked Data, presentation and visualization of semi-structured information on the Web.

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Article introducing for government agencies

IBM developerWorks published an article by Uche Ogbuji, “ for government agencies:”

Because people are more aware of the value of open data, entire new economies have sprung up around its use and management. Sophisticated taxpayers often demand open access to public data from governments, and even less informed users want to know how this type of information enhances data services such as online maps and charts. In 2009, the U.S. Federal Government launched, a site to aggregate feeds of government data. Pressure on agencies to publish information at has been steady. The Open Government Directive of 2009 requires all Federal agencies to post at least three high-value data sets online and register them on In this article, learn about, the basic information your agency needs to know to participate in this revolution in government, and ideas for doing so efficiently.

The article is partly informed by work that Mr. Ogbuji has done at Zepheira for customers either in U.S. government or working closely with government.

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Viewshare: Up Close and Personal with Your Digital Treasures

A recent article in Information Today highlights the Viewshare Project and takes a closer look at the way the application offers new options for access to the vast amounts of unstructured information curated by our nation’s libraries and museums.

March 5, 2012

Back in November 2011, the Library of Congress blogged about a new online service called Viewshare, a web domain where cultural heritage institutions can show off their digital treasures free of charge. It garnered some modest attention in the blogosphere. Now the Library and the developer of the Viewshare software, Zepheira Inc., have announced the formal launch and added some new features, so perhaps this is the moment to take a look at what this tool actually does.

To repeat: It’s free. How about that adage, you get what you pay for?

In the Library-Zepheira partnership, you get quite a lot. Viewshare enables libraries, archives, museums, and others broadly categorized in the “cultural heritage space” to access and showcase their digital collections in a relatively streamlined way. It also offers innovative viewing options usually reserved for more full-featured (and certainly not free) platforms.

Read the article.

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Library of Congress announces new Viewshare features developed by Zepheira

The Library of Congress has announced “four exciting new Viewshare features” as developed by Zepheira subsequent to the Viewshare launch. While there have been many improvements to the platform of late, these four features increase its usefulness exponentially:

  • Dynamic Image Galleries: Users can now create views that consist of a gallery of images to provide additional visual cues when navigating collections.
  • Visualizing Time in Context: Collections with date information can be sorted using numeric ranges and histograms. Numeric ranges display all records contained during a specified date range. The histogram displays the frequency of the items in the collection over time.
  • New Levels of Display Customization: Users can now override the default zoom level in the map displays and set a default sort order for their collections.
  • Easier to Use Interface for Building Views: Usability improvements have been made for creating views and adding facets.

Learn the details and see examples of these new features in the Library’s Digital Preservation Blog .

The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, launched in November 2011. Viewshare is a free platform for NDIIPP partners to generate and customize views, (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to experience their digital collections. Refer to the recent press release for additional details on the project.

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MIT Libraries and Zepheira complete “Exhibit 3.0” software project

A grant from the United States Library of Congress has funded development of a new version of Exhibit, the popular open source software tool developed at MIT to help people search, browse and visualize data on the Web. The MIT Libraries and Zepheira, LLC have enhanced the tool to create “Exhibit 3.0”, with support for much larger data collections and a number of new features requested by the community. Exhibit 3.0 will be useful for a wide range of organizations that manage and publish data collections of all types and sizes – particularly libraries, cultural institutions and other organizations grappling with large amounts of digital content will benefit from Exhibit 3.0.

The Exhibit 3.0 project redesigned and re-implemented Exhibit to scale from small collections to very large data collections of the magnitude
created by the Library of Congress and its National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP). The redesigned Exhibit is as simple to use as its predecessor but is more scalable, more modular, and easier to integrate into a variety of information management systems and websites—making it valuable to an even larger audience of individuals and organizations publishing information on the Web.

Details about the project can be found in the press release and on the project website.

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Viewshare User Stories Emerge

The Library of Congress has launched the Viewshare User Stories page, and it already has compelling examples of curators maintaining digital collections in the areas of education (University of Mississippi and Desegregation of Virginia Education [DOVE] project), preservation/display of cultural artifacts (Brooklyn Public Library) and environment (California Digital Library). Viewshare continues to grow and evolve, and we look forward to seeing what new user stories will be added in 2012.

The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, launched in November 2011. Viewshare is a free platform for National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) partners to generate and customize views, (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to experience their digital collections.

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Viewshare named one of the Top Ten Digital Preservation Developments of 2011

Library of Congress has named Viewshare as one the most memorable digital preservation happenings of 2011 on their blog The Signal. Other developments recognized in 2011 were, the National Digital Steward Alliance and the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Program.

The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, launched in November 2011. Viewshare is a free platform for NDIIPP partners to generate and customize views, (interactive maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) that allow users to experience their digital collections.

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Zepheira to present at ALA Linked Data Symposium

Eric Miller from Zepheira will be giving the opening presentation at ALA Mid-Winter Conference Midwinter Symposium: “Libraries, Linked Data and the Semantic Web: Positioning Our Catalogs to Participate in the 21st Century Global Information Marketplace” from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 20, 2012 in Chicago.

Presented by the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services, this symposium introduces the Semantic Web and the basics of linked data. Eric will describe state of the art tools in current use by libraries and share some practical experience in linking library data to the greater linked data cloud.

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Library of Congress launches Recollection as

The Library of Congress, in partnership with Zepheira, has launched its latest version of Recollection as a newly branded site called is a platform for empowering curators, archivists, and librarians to provide access to the digital cultural heritage objects they are preserving.

The transition to the new domain name represents a more significant commitment by the Library to this project. The Library and Zepheira continue to actively evolve the project and improve the software and putting it on its own domain name makes it easier to find, use, and share.

Read the Library’s announcement or watch the screencast to learn more.

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Zepheira keynote presentation at VALA 2012

Eric Miller from Zepheira will be giving a keynote presentation at the VALA – Libraries, Technology and the Future 2012 Conference on February 8, 2012. The VALA 2012 Conference will be held February 6-9 in Melbourne, Australia.

Eric’s presentation will provide an overview of Linked Data, highlight several relevant, practical examples of this work currently underway in the library, museum and digital preservation communities. This talk will further discuss several practical areas where libraries, museums and archives and can further be accelerated by Linked Data principals.

The VALA2012 theme, eM-powering eFutures, promotes the understanding and use of communication technology in libraries and the related museums, archives and galleries services.

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