PURL Federation Development Effort

The National Center for Biomedical Ontology and Zepheira are pleased to announce work on a PURL Federation. A PURL Federation will allow multiple PURL service operators to cooperate in PURL resolutions, covering for each other in the case of service outages and allowing the persistent resolution of PURLs as funding levels and organizational details change with time. Continue reading

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Zepheira to serve on GenomeSpace Scientific Advisory Group

The GenomeSpace initiative brings together diverse computational tools into one place, enabling scientists without programming skills to easily combine their capabilities and aims to offer a common space to create, manipulate and share an ever-growing range of genomic analysis tools. Initially seeded with six popular genomics tools GenomeSpace will provide a common workspace that enhances the tools interoperability and accelerate scientific research and discovery. Continue reading

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Call for Chapters: Linking Enterprise Data

Zepheira Partners David Wood, Eric Miller and Uche Ogbuji announce a Call for Chapters for a new book to be entitled Linking Enterprise Data. The book will be published by Springer Science+Business Media. First proposal submissions are due January 31, 2010 and full chapter submissions are due April 2, 2010 to
Continue reading

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Last Week for Proposals: Linking Enterprise Data

Proposals for the new book Linking Enterprise Data are due by 31 January 2010. Please see the full Call for Chapters.

Zepheira Partners David Wood, Eric Miller and Uche Ogbuji would like to remind the Semantic Web and Linked Data communities to submit their proposals on time. The book will be published by Springer Science+Business Media. First proposal submissions are due January 31, 2010 and full chapter submissions are due April 15, 2010 to Thanks to the authors who have already responded.

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RDF 2.0 Workshop

Zepheira Partner David Wood will co-chair a W3C Workshop on the future of RDF sometime in the summer of 2010 with Stefan Decker of DERI and Ivan Herman of the W3C. The goal of the workshop is to gather feedback from the Semantic Web community on whether and in which direction RDF should evolve. Participants will discuss a possible revision of the 2004 RDF Recommendation (tentatively called RDF 2.0). Continue reading

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JES & Co. Expands the Achievement Standards Network

At the annual National Science Distributed Learning conference sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), participants learned how JES & Co.’s Achievement Standards Network (ASN) framework is being used by Australia’s Curriculum Corporation in an effort to link educational resource data globally. Zepheira partner David Wood and contractor James Leigh worked with JES to develop a reusable, Open Source editor for Resource Description Framework content as a key portion of this work. Continue reading

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Eric Miller to present Recollection at National Archives

Zepheira president Eric Miller will be speaking at the The Semantic Web: Fact or Myth? Conference on 17 November 2009. This event is co-sponsored by CENDI, FLICC and NFAIS and will be held at the National Archives. Eric Miller will be presenting on Recollection, a project with the U.S. Library of Congress and the National Digital Information Infrastructure Partner Program (NDIIPP) designed to enhance discoverable access for NDIIPP collections, making them easier to find, access, and share, and especially to integrate with other digital information sources.

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Library of Congress NDIIPP named among “Great Government IT Projects”

Government Computer News (GCN) has named the Library of Congress (LoC) National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) as one of the top federal information technology projects of 2009. The award was presented during the annual GCN Annual Awards Gala on October 22.

GCN gave the award to NDIIPP because of its success in working with universities and libraries to model distributed preservation practices, working with state consortiums to help in the preservation of state government digital information, and working with commercial content providers to develop standards for digital preservation. Continue reading

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Zepheira Announces Callimachus, Semantic Web Apps Made Easy

Zepheira announces Callimachus, an Open Source Software project to allow Semantic Web applications to be easily made by Web authors. Callimachus builds on Mulgara (an established Semantic Web database), Ali Baba (an object-to-RDF mapping technology) and a new generalized, configurable RDF editor. The project will officially launch in December 2009. In the meantime, a slide show is available to preview Callimachus’ features.

Callimachus has been made possible by support from JES & Co., the National Science Foundation and Zepheira.

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Project Recollection Receives “Best in Show” for ECDL Poster Sessions

Laura Campbell, Associate Librarian for Strategic Initiatives, and Eric Miller, President of Zepheira co-presented a poster session and demo at the 2009 European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL)held in Corfu, Greece from 27 September through 2 October, 2009. The project received the “Best Poster” award for the conference. Continue reading

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