Zepheira Announces “Libhub Initiative Early Adopter Program” for Academic Libraries

10 June 2015 – – Zepheira now offers a new program for academic libraries to reveal their resources and collections to the Web. The Early Adopter Program for Academic Libraries builds awareness of the power of Linked Data through education, training and exploration. Linked Data can be used to better reveal a library’s materials, which may include ebook, print, special, archival, music, rare books, and/or other collections of value to alumni, students, faculty, researchers and administration. The program builds on the successful Libhub Initiative Early Adopter Public Library Program launch with its Founding 12 Partners. Read the full announcement and more about Zepheira’s Library Solutions.

Gloria Gonzalez Featured in Los Angeles Archivists Collective Blog

Gloria Gonzalez, Library Strategist at Zepheira, is the subject of a profile in the Los Angeles Archivists Collective blog. Her interview is part of a series that explores local archival culture through interviews with professionals active in the field.

New Session Added for Today’s Webinar, “Linked Data and Why it Matters to the Library Community”

A second session for Zepheira’s Webinar, “Linked Data and Why it Matters to the Library Community”, has been added for today, 2 June 2015, at 3:30p ET. We are adding all overflow registrants from session one, and have a limited number of seats remaining. Registration is still open.

Zepheira Announces “Libhub Initiative Experimenter Program” for Public Libraries

Zepheira, the company providing better Web visibility to libraries through Linked Data, is offering a new program for Public libraries, based on the successful Libhub Initiative Early Adopter program launch with its Founding 12 Partners. The Experimenter Program builds awareness of the power of Linked Data through education and training, provides the institution with an assessment of their current state, and develops a pilot that permits the institution to experiment at their own pace. Read the full announcement and learn about Zepheira’s Linked Data Library Solutions.

Zepheira Webinar “Linked Data and Why it Matters to the Library Community” Full – More Dates/Times To Be Announced

Zepheira’s upcoming Webinar, “Linked Data and Why it Matters to the Library Community”, is now full. We will be announcing additional dates and times here as they are scheduled to accommodate the full number of registrants.

Victoria Mueller to Speak at Canadian Library Association Pre-Conference, 2 June 2015

Victoria Mueller is speaking at the Canadian Library Association Pre-Conference in Ottawa. She is leading a workshop titled “Getting ready for Linked Data: MARC to BIBFRAME.” Registration is still open.

Registration Still Open for Free Webinar on Tuesday 2 June: Linked Data and Why it Matters to the Library Community

Learn how the Web sees libraries today, and how you can use its power to deeply connect with your community by attending a free Webinar with Jeff Penka, VP of Product Development at Zepheira.

You may have heard about the Semantic Web, Linked Data and/or Web of Data, but what does it all mean? And more importantly, what does it mean for your library and your community? How can your Library participate in this new paradigm? Attending this session will provide you with a basic understanding of these new concepts that are in play in other industries and how libraries and the vendor community can begin to participate. Registration is open.

Libhub Initiative Celebrates Founding 12 Library Partners at Early Adopter Summit

Zepheira is convening the Libhub Initiative’s Early Adopter Summit today at Denver Public Library in Denver, Colorado, to celebrate the vision, commitment and contributions of 12 pioneering libraries from the US and Canada. These institutions have completed training in the details of BIBFRAME, Linked Data, and a host of concrete steps libraries can take to establish greater visibility on the Web. Read the full announcement, and learn about the Libhub Initiative.

Victoria Mueller to Keynote at OVGTSL Conference

Victoria Mueller is keynoting at the Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians Conference. The Conference theme is “Emerging Technologies and Reinventing Services” and is being held from May 18 – 20 at Indiana State University.

Victoria Mueller Presenting “From MARC to BIBFRAME” at ALCTS Webinar Today

Victoria Mueller, Zepheira Senior Information Architect and Systems Librarian is giving a Webinar, “From MARC to BIBFRAME: An Introduction”, for the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services today, Wednesday 13 May, at 1pm US Central Time. Registration is still open. More information, including registration details, is available from ALCTS.