Zepheira Launches Linked Data Readiness Assessment Product for Libraries

27 January 2015 – Zepheira, the industry leader in the creation of linked data vocabularies for addressing the Web visibility of library and memory organizations, is launching a new Linked Data Readiness Assessment (RA) Product. RA allows libraries and memory organizations to determine the state of their current collections, systems, and staffing to determine what should be done to make them more visible to their communities – patrons or customers of the library who access information via Web search engines or students and faculty who access information via internal environments such as on-campus systems.

For more information on Zepheira’s Linked Data Readiness Assessment see

See the full press release –

For more on Zepheira’s Linked Data Library Solutions →

Zepheira’s Linked Data Training Series Personalizes Linked Data for Libraries

“Practical Practitioner” Brings Library Professionals into the Web with BIBFRAME, Linked Data

Zepheira, the industry leader in the creation of linked data vocabularies for addressing the Web visibility of library and memory organizations, is offering a complete training program in the applied use of those vocabularies. Zepheira’s Linked Data and BIBFRAME Practical Practitioner Training, covers 4-5 calendar weeks and is offered on average twice a month pending registration and demand. The sessions will be conducted online via Zepheira’s learning management environment.

Zepheira Listened to Libraries, Provides Training Options that are Pragmatic, Cost-Effective

Library relevance on the Web begins with visibility – being able to see what it is your library has to offer. Linked Data and BIBFRAME together will play a key role in the Web accurately finding and reflecting what libraries have to offer. Through Zepheira’s work with hundreds of librarians, we found a need for a clear baseline of knowledge and awareness about where to begin on this path to relevance and visibility.

View the full press release, training summary and calendar of upcoming sessions.

Eric Miller to keynote 2014 SWIB conference

Zepheira CEO Eric Miller will be providing the keynote presentation for the 2014 Annual Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB) conference on December 2, in Bonn, Germany. The SWIB conference aims to provide substantial information on LOD developments relevant to the library world and to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners. The following is an abstract of Dr. Miller’s talk.

Moving from MARC: How BIBFRAME moves the Linked Data in Libraries conversation to large-scale action
As the Library of Congress looked to the future of MARC, they looked to Linked Data principles and Web standards as the foundation of BIBFRAME. Libraries have an extensive history with MARC as a sophisticated and highly customized descriptive vocabulary with billions of records spread across systems and providers. In order to recognize the value of connecting this legacy in new and contemporary ways, BIBFRAME’s design is intentionally extensible with Profile-based vocabularies, flexible transformation utilities, and iterative linking strategies. The migration from MARC to BIBFRAME offers the most widely actionable opportunity for libraries to adopt Linked Data as a foundation of their Web visibly and internal operations.

This session will include a review of tools we have used in helping libraries:

  • Evaluate their current data
  • Define local data priorities
  • Perform large-scale transformation
  • Create profile-based definitions for original content
  • Move beyond simply representing legacy data to take full advantage of the Linked Data nature of vocabularies like BIBFRAME and
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Zepheira speaks @ NISO’s “Using the Web as an E-Content Distribution Platform” Virtual Conference (materials available now)

Thanks to the NISO team and SAGE sponsorship for such a great virtual conference focused on the Challenges and Opportunities around Using the Web as an E-Content Distribution Platform. The flow of the agenda and content provided a thoughtful and balanced narrative from providers, practitioners and thought leaders.

Jeff Penka, Zepheira’s Product Director, presented in collaboration with John Mark Ockerbloom, Digital Library Architect and Planner at the University of Pennsylvania on Retooling Metadata Around Linked Data Principles.

John began the discussion with his “In the Early Days of a Better Nation”: Enhancing the power of metadata today with linked data principles presentation, providing technical, historic, and practical views of what an evolved view of metadata can enable. Jeff followed with his An A+ Plan to Transform Your Library with Linked Data presentation, sharing three key steps every library can go through as they bring the principles, technology, and vocabulary of Linked Data into the whole library — 1. Awareness 2. Assessment and 3. Action.

Both presentations are available along with all the other session materials via the NISO conference site @

We are looking forward to participating in the next Conference November 19, 2014 “Can’t we all work together? Interoperability and System Integration”.

National Library of Medicine Selects Zepheira to Develop Linked Data Architecture

National Library of Medicine (NLM) has selected Zepheira to provide combined expertise and in Library Linked Data and Health Care Informatics in a project to advance the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Linked Data Architecture. Zepheira will support effective publishing of the MeSH vocabulary on the web. NLM awarded Zepheira the contract through a competitive bidding process.

NLM, the world’s largest biomedical library, maintains and makes available a vast print collection and produces electronic information resources on a wide range of topics that are searched billions of times each year by millions of people around the globe. It also supports and conducts research, development and training in biomedical informatics and health information technology. NLM is part of the National Institutes of Health office of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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Zepheira to keynote DCMI Annual Conference

Zepheira CEO Eric Miller will be providing the keynote presentation for the 2014 Annal DCMI Dublin Core Metadata Initiative conference. This year’s conference theme is “Metadata Intersections: Bridging the Archipelago of Cultural Memory International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications”. The following is an abstract of Dr. Miller’s talk.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dublin Core, the community and standards work have made significant impacts to the progress of Web metadata practices used today. This presentation will build on those foundations and discuss opportunities for Dublin Core community’s leadership in emerging work like application profiles, new standards such as and BIBFRAME, and community activities such as The Libhub Initiative. In addition, several new toolsets and frameworks will be introduced that begin to show the power of applying the principles behind Dublin Core, Linked Data, and localized Profiles when transforming legacy information for Web visibility.

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Zepheira joins Rocky Mountain Innosphere

Zepheira is excited to announce its admission to Rocky Mountain Innosphere, a Colorado-based incubator and hub for entrepreneurial activity. We look forward to working with this unique and talented team who bring together a wealth of resources to support the success of start ups. Zepheira was admitted as one of a class of eight other companies which focus in software and/or digital health initiatives.

See the press release for more information about Innosphere and the most recent admissions class.

Knight News Challenge: Zepheira aims to raise visibility of libraries on the Web

Due in large part to the positive feedback we heard when our colleagues at Denver Public Library put their Inspiration post up on the Knight News Challenge to “Shine a Light on Libraries and Their Content”, last week we submitted the Libhub Initiative for community and Knight consideration (see “Let’s increase the Web visibility of all libraries with The Libhub Initiative”). Please take a moment to review our submission, comment, and Applaud.

The involvement of libraries has been critical as we go beyond Zepheira’s various solutions in Awareness, Training, and Assessment to large scale Action. The continued support of the community and partners will be critical, and any additional support or visibility from the Knight Foundation will be great to help this movement take place more quickly and more broadly.

Zepheira introduces Libhub Initiative focused on increasing Web visibility of libraries

As a founding sponsor, Zepheira’s introduction of the Libhub Initiative creates an industry-wide focus on the collective visibility of libraries and their resources on the Web. Libraries and memory organizations have rich content and resources that the Web can not see or use. The Libhub Initiative aims to find common ground for libraries, providers, and partners to publish and use data with non-proprietary, web standards. Libraries can then communicate in a way Web applications understand and Web users can see through the use of enabling technology like Linked Data and shared vocabularies such as and BIBFRAME. The Libhub Initiative uniquely prioritizes the linking of these newly exposed library resources to each other and to other resources across the Web, a critical requirement of increased Web visibility.

View the full press release including statements from libraries who are taking a leadership role in the Libhub Initiative: Denver Public Library and Multnomah County Library.

Zepheira at the 2014 Digital Library Federation Forum

Zepheira will form part of the panel presentation “Linked
Data for Libraries: From Experimentation to Practice at Scale”
, scheduled for October 27, at the 2014 Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum. The other panelists will be representatives of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, BIBFLOW, a IMLS-funded project of the UC Davis Library, with Zepheira as a partner, and Linked Data for Libraries (LD4L) a Mellon-funded collaboration of Cornell, Harvard and Stanford libraries. There will be a linked data lunchtime birds of a feather, following the session. The session description  follows.

Libraries have been moving to embrace linked data for years now, slowly and fitfully it sometimes seems. Now the landscape is firming up as major players have begun committing to well-formed initiatives that move beyond experimentation to practice at scale. This panel presents a view of four diverse, larger-scale, linked data efforts where the “rubber is meeting the road.” Each of the panelists will briefly present an overview of their efforts. A moderated discussion will follow, giving the panelists and audience a chance to compare and contrast approaches, and the larger implications for libraries of this potentially disruptive innovation.

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