Zepheira to Use 1060 Research’s NetKernel to Power Open Source Persistent URL (PURL) Service

Resource-Oriented Environment a Good Match for URI Infrastructure

August 2, 2007 – Zepheira, LLC. and 1060(R) Research, Ltd. are pleased to announce the selection of 1060(R) NetKernel as the key enabling technology for an updated Persistent URL (PURL) service. The Open Source development effort is being sponsored by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) as an upgrade to the existing PURL service, which it built and has hosted for over 12 years.

The PURL service provides persistent, stable World Wide Web (WWW) addresses for the international library and education community, government, business, and non-profit organizations, and private citizens. PURLs are Web addresses or Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) that act as permanent identifiers in the face of a dynamic and changing Web infrastructure.

The new service will add features and make it more scalable to face an expected increase in demand over the next few years. In addition to making it easier to create and maintain persistent URIs, it will now support URI redirection for information and non-information resources such as concepts, organizations and people. This will be a key enabler of Semantic Web-based applications. The new service will allow URI-based concepts to be stable and resolved using existing protocols.

NetKernel is a resource-oriented computing environment that builds upon the architectural properties of Unix pipes, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and the Representational State Transfer (REST) style of information, service and document processing. NetKernel’s architecture makes it dramatically easier and less expensive to develop flexible, scalable and fast software.

“When looking for an infrastructure to use as the basis of the PURL rearchitecture work, we needed to balance features, track record, ease of development and flexibility in supporting new capabilities. We have had great success for our customers with NetKernel in the enterprise. With its focus on scalable resource-oriented computing, it was a natural candidate for this work,” says Eric Miller, Zepheira’s President.

David Wood, a Zepheira partner and software maintenance researcher adds, “Software designed to run as Internet infrastructure for many years needs to be maintainable as well as scalable; simply being Open Source is not enough. NetKernel succeeds on all fronts with its modular, layered approach and efficient microkernel architecture. The fact that
it has the polish of a commercial product made the decision to leverage this toolkit an easy one to make.”

“We are pleased that 1060 NetKernel was selected as the foundation for the rearchitected PURL service,” says Peter Rodgers, PhD, CEO of 1060 Research. Rodgers continues, “NetKernel uses URIs internally to identify all elements of software including resources, services and code so it seems natural that NetKernel will now support a global URI resolution service. We have seen NetKernel used in a wide range of enterprise applications, so we know that Zepheria and OCLC will have the scalability, flexibility, and productivity they need to build a high-performance, easily managed system. We are pleased to support such an important open-source project.”

More information on NetKernel is available from the 1060 Research web site: www.1060research.com/netkernel/. Additional information on the PURL service is available on the OCLC PURL Web site: www.purl.org.

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1060 Research, Ltd is a UK-based company focused on advanced software infrastructure. As pioneers of resource-oriented computing, 1060 Research developed and offers 1060 NetKernel, an enterprise caliber software platform, under a dual open-source and commercial license. For more information, visit: www.1060research.com.

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