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Sesame and Mulgara Integration

FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia, 15 May, 2008 – Aduna and Zepheira, LLC announced today that the Sesame RDF framework now supports the storage of RDF data in the Mulgara Semantic Store.

Aduna has released Sesame version 2.2 Beta1, which includes support for the Mulgara storage layer. Production releases are being finalized now and are expected later this summer.

Sesame is an Open Source Java framework for the storage, inferencing and querying of Resource Description Framework (RDF) data. The framework is extensible and configurable with respect to storage mechanisms, inferencers, RDF file formats, query result formats and query languages. Sesame supports the SPARQL RDF query language, which became a standard of the World Wide Web Consortium in January, 2008 and Aduna’s own SeRQL query language. SeRQL provides advanced features not yet available in SPARQL. Sesame offers a JBDC-like user API, streamlined system APIs and a RESTful HTTP interface supporting the SPARQL Protocol for RDF.

Sesame version 2.1 added support for storing RDF data in relational databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL were supported in March, 2008. As of this release, Sesame also includes support for Mulgara, the most scalable of the native RDF data stores.

Mulgara is a native RDF database, written in Java and designed to scale to hundreds of millions of RDF statements. Current work on Mulgara aims to increase its storage capacity to hundreds of billions of RDF statements by June of 2009. Aduna and Zepheira backed the integration of Mulgara and Sesame to provide Sesame’s users with a single API for RDF data, regardless of the amount of data involved.

“Sesame developers may now work with the same API to manage their RDF data, from small in-memory prototypes to the largest enterprise projects,” said Arjohn Kampman, Sesame’s lead developer at Aduna. Ralph Pere, Aduna CEO, said, “Aduna remains committed to providing Sesame developers with the widest range of scalability options.”

David Wood, a Zepheira partner and Mulgara project member, said, “Zepheira is pleased to facilitate the integration of Mulgara and Sesame. We see tremendous value in the integration of the projects, their developers and their communities of users. Industry coalescence around the SPARQL query language, the SPARQL protocol and the SAIL API will ease the transition of legacy systems onto the Web of Data.”

“The integration of Sesame and Mulgara has brought together two of the leading Open Source Semantic Web frameworks. The comprehensive set of APIs and standards from Sesame along with the scalability and speed of Mulgara gives developers a single port of call for Semantic Web projects of all levels. We have now combined the experience and skills of the developers from both projects, giving us much greater capacity for ongoing development than when our efforts were split between unrelated systems,” said Paul Gearon, founder and leader of the Mulgara Project.

About Aduna

Aduna is a front-runner in developing technologies for extracting, mining and revealing semantics in information. Sesame provides a solid foundation across business lines, including: search, intelligence, e-commerce, advertising, data and application integration. Aduna is a privately owned company and active in the semantic web arena since 1997. Aduna’s products are used and renowned by individuals and organizations around the world. Aduna powers the Semantic Web by providing best-of-breed solutions for storage, navigation and presentation of semantic data. The company is based in the Netherlands. Aduna means Semantic Power. For more information, visit:

About Zepheira

Zepheira is a US-based professional services firm with expertise in semantic technologies and Enterprise Data Integration. Zepheira delivers solutions worldwide to integrate, navigate and manage data across personal, group and enterprise boundaries. Zepheira performs business analysis, data architecture, application development and implementation. Zepheira’s experts have a long history of leading Internet standards initiatives, and delivering solutions to industries including manufacturing, financial services, medical research and defense. The company is privately held and has offices in Virginia, Ohio and Colorado. For more information, visit:

About Sesame

Sesame is an Open Source framework for the storage, inferencing and querying of Resource Description Framework (RDF) data. Sesame is an Aduna Open Source project. Commercial support for Sesame is available from For more information, visit:

About Mulgara

The Mulgara Semantic Store is a scalable database for Semantic Web information. Mulgara natively stores Resource Description Framework (RDF) information, provides a powerful query capability and scales to enterprise levels. The project is Open Source Software and licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0. Mulgara is written entirely in the Java programming language. For more information, visit:

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