Zepheira helps organizations connect, analyze and augment information assets in a rich, social context. We apply advanced Web architecture and linked data principles to help clients organize disparate materials in order to solve real-world problems.

Technology projects only bring value if they align with organizational goals, strategy and culture, so we also bring a strong focus in business architecture to every project, including expert change management to maximize the desired results. Our approach of rapid prototyping and continuous feedback allows your team to give design input throughout the project.

Our team contributes heavily to open standards and technology, and are founders and leaders for many of the initiatives that have made the Web what it is today.

Freemix and Catalex

At the heart of all our solutions lie two largely open-source products.  Catalex is a system for information transformation and augmentation.  Freemix is a system for visualization and discovery of information.  We help clients deploy the basic open-source versions of these tools, and we also provide advanced and customized components.


If you have a sense of the value of such solutions, but no clear roadmap in place, we offer the Semantic Technologies Assessment and Readiness Team (START). START is a 1-2 day workshop designed to rapidly bring people up to speed on the advanced, social “Web of everything,” and to help identify an suitable initial project to assess the benefits for your specific organization.


If you have the outlines of a project in mind (perhaps thanks to START), but need help getting it off the ground, we offer Data Due Diligence (3D), a carefully crafted methodology we employ to prepare all the details required for successful implementation of rich Web projects.

Managed Services

We offer managed hosting of standard or customized Freemix or Catalex systems to match your needs.  These services allow technical and non-technical staff on your team to gather, organize, augment and visualize information for sharing within a group or publicly. Choose from a broad palette of Catalex services from data normalization to geo-location, and from a Freemix visualization tools including interactive maps, timelines, filters and charts.

Advisory Services

Advisory services are available for executives and decision makers who seek to understand how to keep their organizations current with the latest advances in linked data and Web architecture. Our architects are able to provide support to your development teams during implementation to accelerate their efforts.

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