Zepheira has a long history of helping organizations across a variety of industries connect, analyze and augment information assets in a rich, social context. We apply advanced Web architecture and linked data principles to help clients organize disparate materials in order to solve real-world problems.

To deliver value technology projects must align with organizational goals, strategy and culture. Based on this belief, we bring a strong focus on business architecture and expertise on change management to every project. Our use of rapid prototyping and continuous feedback allows your team to give design input throughout the project.

Our team contributes heavily to open standards and technology, and are founders and leaders for many of the initiatives that have made the Web what it is today.

We now put those practices into service for Libraries and other Cultural Heritage organizations, and look forward to helping yours achieve greater relevance and vitality through the visibility on the Web.

Linked Data Solutions for Libraries – The Library.Link Network

Every Library, Archive, Museum and Historical Society has a story to tell.

These stories reflect and connect with their communities. The Web needs structured data to understand these stories and make strong connections.

The Library.Link Network brings together libraries and their providers to tell the Web localized, comprehensive, connection-rich stories.

We think of the Library.Link Network as seeding the Web with library locations, services, and content and growing library visibility together.

How does The Library.Link Network work?

  • A Library claims and activates their Local Link Graph domain on The Library.Link Network.
  • The Library adds key descriptive information like locations, hours, links, and services to their Local Graph.
  • The Library determines how much additional information they wish to make visible (e.g. catalog, events, special collections, and archives
  • The Library works with their providers to begin publishing the desired content to their Local Graph.

Getting Started Is Simple and Free

To tell the full story of the library requires collaboration of libraries and their vendors. The Library.Link Network Publishing Partners are committed to telling the Web the full story.


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