3D Data Due Diligence

Confidence to invest in the right technology

Zepheira’s 3D Methodology is a proven method for organizations considering Semantic Web and rich Web collaboration (“Web 2.0”) projects, seeking to find, share, analyze and combine information across silos and legacy systems. 3D is a program to develop a blueprint for success, building on Zepheira’s expertise managing the technical and business complexities that sometimes foil such projects. 3D helps you:

  • Identify and assess the most important data and content you already have in silos and legacy systems
  • Determine key requirements, evaluation criteria and common pitfalls for such projects
  • Create support for necessary change across your organization, and put the right processes in place
  • Pinpoint the relative strengths and weaknesses of competing approaches to such projects
  • Determine the likely level of effort and economic impact of such projects
  • Assess how to enhance competitiveness while evolving collaboration with your partners

Addressing such matters is key to confidence when embarking on advanced Web technology projects. Such projects are investments, and due diligence is crucial in preparation for these investments. Zepheira 3DSM is a vital tool for ensuring diligence, designed and executed by experts who have experienced all aspects of such projects.

What is 3D?

Zepheira 3D is a package of proven services that provide technological and organizational analysis to create maximum advantage in advanced Web projects. On a fixed budget and schedule we provide a thorough assessment of your needs and proposed projects and provide a detailed report, which serves as a roadmap to the success of your efforts. It is a modular program which is adjusted to suit the needs of your organization and project, and available in three tiers.

Basic Tier typically includes:

  • Business Requirements Document
  • Technical Architecture Assessment
  • Executive Recommendations for Project Success and Risk Mitigation

Premium Tier typically adds the following to Basic Tier:

  • Seminar: Executive Overview of Semantic Web Technologies
  • Search and Navigation Strategy
  • Business Process Reengineering and Business Rules Definition
  • Project time and cost projections

Executive Tier typically adds the following to Premium Tier:

  • Data / Knowledge Inventory
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) Preparation
  • ROI projections and business case creation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Training: Key Technical and Business Elements for Successful Implementations
  • Partner Process and Data Exchange Evaluation
  • 3D Knowledgebase—installable software that provides rapid, comprehensive access to 3D findings and work product

Contact us at solutions@zepheira.com to learn more about 3D, and how Zepheira can transform information, applications and services in your organization.

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