Early Adopter Program for Academic Libraries

The complete Early Adopter Program for Academic Libraries is designed for the library who wishes to accelerate their team’s education around the BIBFRAME standard and to participate in the Libhub Initiative by converting, contributing, linking, and publishing up to 1,000,000 of their library MARC records.

Zepheira delivers the following services on an agreed upon schedule through December 31st, 2015:

  • Zepheira’s Practical Practitioner Linked Data and BIBFRAME Essentials Training Series for 1 – 10 participants with conversion of 100 MARC record samples
  • Linked Data Readiness Assessment and converting up to 100,000 MARC records
  • Final conversion of up to 1,000,000 MARC records (larger data sets available following this pilot program)
  • Transformed and connected BIBFRAME content published to the Web
  • Joint collaboration to manage additions and deletions to the Web
  • Metrics and analytics

Other Benefits of the Early Adopter Program
Those who purchase the Early Adopter Program are also entitled to the following additional benefits through June 30, 2016.

  • A community space for actively sharing information and experiences.
  • Shared access to early BIBFRAME tools as they are developed.
  • Official “Libhub Initiative Early Adopter” status to be displayed on the Libhub.org Website

Participation in Academic Early Adopter meetings at major conferences (ALA) to collaboratively discuss their experiences with other institutions and give feedback on the direction of the Libhub Initiative from an academic perspective.

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