Zepheira Linked Data and BIBFRAME Practical Practitioner Training

Is Your Library Ready for Linked Data and BIBFRAME?

Library relevance on the Web begins with visibility, Linked Data and BIBFRAME will play a key role in the Web understanding libraries and reflecting what libraries have to offer. Through Zepheira’s work with hundreds of librarians, we found a need for a clear baseline of knowledge and awareness about where to begin on this path to relevance and visibility. Building on our experience over the last twenty years and our leadership role in shaping the Web, Linked Data, and BIBFRAME, we have developed a experience-driven training series focused on libraries, their data, their audiences, and their local needs. See our Calendar of Events for upcoming training offerings, webinars, and speaking engagements.
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Practical Practitioner Training Curriculum Design

The philosophy behind the Practical Practitioner curriculum’s design:

  • Establishes a shared foundation for librarians and staff on Linked Data
  • Uses hands-on exercises with web-based tools to evaluate, transform, and enrich YOUR data
  • Delivers access to the people leading these initiatives across the Web
  • Incorporates libraries’ local needs, audiences, and data into the lessons, exercises, and discussion
  • Maximizes convenience and interaction via our online learning environment and community forums
  • Grows an Alumni community based on shared experience and exploration

Linked Data and BIBFRAME Core Curriculum


Target Audience:

Uniquely, this library focused course, can benefit all areas of the library and establish a foundation of knowledge and shared experiences across staff in Technical Services, Metadata, Special Collections, Reference, Technology, Systems, and Administration.


Online course access is delivered by seat with discounts for groups of 6-9 and 10 or more. Private group online sessions based on the core curriculum, in-person customized workshops, and customized curriculum are all available as well, contact a Zepheira representative for additional information using the web form below.

Format, Tools, and Timing:

  • Self-paced online learning environment
  • Video instruction with suggested weekly outcomes
  • Weekly exercises and class discussion
  • Optional weekly Office Hours call with Zepheira instructor core and classmates
  • Zepheira Linked Data Tools Training Suite
    • Self Service MARC Record Uploader – 100 records by URL, File Upload, Paste
    • MARC Statistics Viewer
    • Record Transformer from MARC to BIBFRAME using multiple transformation algorithms
    • Raw BIBFRAME Data Viewer
    • BIBFRAME Linked Data Navigator
    • BIBFRAME Scribe Linked Data connector utility
  • Public sessions are typically delivered over a 4-5 week period (see Calendar for timing and Additional Options for private session information)

Core Curriculum Content:

  • History of Linked Data and the Web
  • BIBFRAME Essentials
  • Data Modeling Essentials
The Web as a Data Platform
  • The Underpinning Web Standards and Technology Supporting BIBFRAME
  • Modeling Data with BIBFRAME
  • Analyzing Existing Local MARC Data for Patterns, Trends, and Uniqueness
Aligning Local MARC Data with Profile Definitions (existing and new)
  • Transforming Existing MARC data using Profiles
  • BIBFRAME by Example and Use Case
Connecting with New Data Sources and Authorities
  • Publishing and Sharing BIBFRAME data
  • BIBFRAME Scribe – A Prototype for data connections, authority linking, and web publishing
  • The Future Role of Best Practices, Standards, and Backend System Evolution
  • Change Management, Communications, and Project Management
  • The Future Evolution of Existing Systems with BIBFRAME

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Additional Options:

In addition to online, per seat access, public sessions to The Linked Data and BIBFRAME Core Curriculum described above, Zepheira can also provide:

  • Discounted private sessions using the core curriculum, but limited to your staff or group
  • Custom curriculum based on a combination of the core curriculum and locally specific needs.
  • In person workshops to augment the online training or as part of a custom curriculum package.

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