Semantic Technologies Assessment and Readiness Team (START)

Are you trying to understand how Semantic technology, Linked Data principals and rich Web collaboration can help you with your data integration problems and enhance relationships between your employees, partners and customers? Are you struggling to evaluate such technologies, or to select a suitable pilot project? Zepheira’s START Semantic Technologies Assessment and Readiness Team can help.

START educates you on how to increase the value of departmental and corporate information by making it easier to locate, query, integrate, and use. START uses a methodology designed to tailor much of this education to your business context.

Our team works closely with you over the course of a tailored, interactive, one-day workshop delivered on site to assess whether and how semantic technologies can benefit your organization, and to identify a project in which such technology would provide most immediate value. START provides:

  • Education on how organizations can enhance their competitiveness by combining Web technology with Semantic Technology to achieve new levels of data integration and collaboration.
  • Discussion of key business problems within your organization which can be solved using Semantic Technologies; definition of objectives and a project with which to proceed.
  • Assessment of whether Semantic Technologies are a fit for your organization. Are the right pieces of organization, business and technology in place, and is the skill available to ensure success of such a project? Our goal is to ensure that you are clearly positioned for success when undertaking these new projects.
  • Identify future opportunities for education, training and development assistance by Zepheira or trusted partners in semantic technologies and software architecture.

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